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Milling Service

Woodmizer LT-15 portable sawmill. As the proud owner of a Woodmizer LT-15 bandsaw mill, I can offer 'small batch' milling and resawing. For milling at my location, I charge $70 per hour (one hour minimum) plus a $25 fee for each damaged saw blade. Hitting metal is the most common cause of damaged blades.

Since you will be paying per hour, I encourage you to bring logs cleaned and ready to mill. Limbs should be cut off flush and any mud/dirt or stones should be removed from the bark. If your log is dirty from felling or skidding, blasting it off at the car-wash can save you the expense of paying me to clean it for you. Do yourself a favor and seal the log ends with paint, varnish, or some product desinged for that task. If you need me to haul your logs to my mill, the milling fee starts when I find my truck keys.


My sawmill can mill a 30" diameter log and it can mill a 17' long log but I have no way of moving a 30" x 17' log. My tractor can handle 1,000 pounds on a good day.
Boards and live edge slabs can be milled no wider than 21".
I have no space available for storing or drying your milled wood so you'll be required to haul it off soon after it's milled. Any product left for 30 days becomes my property.


Proper storage during the drying process is essential to the quality of your end product! You must have an even surface for stacking your milled lumber if you want flat boards/slabs. Stickers (wood spacers) are requried for good air flow. Cutting stickers from your milled lumber is the best way to avoid sticker-stain which can potentially ruin the lumber.

Contact me for more information.

Thinking of selling your log?

I am occasionally contacted by people hoping to sell their walnut tree. I love hardwoods like walnut, pecan, ash, sycamore, oak, etc. Unfortunately, most which are offered to me have been cut into short lengths or are of low quality for one reason or another. In the very rare instance when I do pay for a log, the seller generally delivers it to me.

If you have a walnut tree for sale, I encourage you to watch this light-hearted video before contacting me. Enjoy! does NOT offer retail hardwood products. Therefore, we are providing this information.
Retail HARDWOODS in Kennewick, WA

Sizes : 4/4 5/4 6/4 8/4
FAS quality
Surface sanded- straight line ripped
  • Plywoods
  • Milling
  • Live Edge Slabs
  • Mantles
  • Plaining, sanding, custom cutting
  • Special Orders
  • Live Edge Slabs

Custom woodworking available
furniture, cabinets, furniture repair, and finishing ... more if you request

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