by Butch Elrod

Requesting A Donation

Are you seeking a donation for your fund raiser?
That's great and I wish you luck but you should not be offended if I decline your request. After all, "starving artist" is not a mythical being or even an endangered species. As a result, I must weigh each request, limit my philanthropy, and ask for a little promotion of my business in return.

How do I decide when to donate?
I ask myself if I have time and resources, is the cause local, do I care about your cause, and have I already done enough for the cause?

Examples of having 'done enough'.
I donated $600 worth of merchandise to breast cancer fund raising in 2010. That's enough for one year... We have 4 dogs, all of which came from rescue shelters so for now, I have done enough for pets.

Double sea turtle sculpture. What do I care about?
Lots of things but art, shooting sports and civil rights are very high on my list. Since plenty of people support the arts, I don't feel a need to. But far too many people want to take away our Second Amendment Rights so I feel a strong need to support those defending this Civil Right. After all, once 'they' start taking apart our Bill of Rights, only a fool could believe it will stop at the Second Amendment.

As a Life Member of each the Second Amendment Foundation and the National Rifle Association, I hope time and resources allow me to help with any local fund raising for these organizations.