by Northwest Canopys
These American Made canopies are offered as a complete package or as a "kit". Fittings are powdercoated and Lifetime Warranteed!

I learned about these when attending chainsaw carving events in Western Washington State. The 20' x 20' canopy provides plenty of shade and a spaciously dry work space. It seems that all the 'big boys' use them (and so do I). More size options are available and when I'm not using mine at an event, it serves as covered parking for my truck and tractor.

Visit Northwest Canopies for more information and please tell them the Wood Hacker sent you!

Phone (206) 679-4569

Canopy components arranged on ground. Begin setup by arranging all components in their relative positions.
Canopy components arranged on ground. Assemble the roof components, tighten bolts, then insert the legs on one side.
Canopy components arranged on ground. Cover the top frame with the tarp and secure with bungies at every grommet.
Canopy components arranged on ground. With a helper, raise the remaining side and install the center leg first. Install the remaining legs, tighten all bolts, now secure / tie-down as appropriate for the expected wind.

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