Chainsaw Carvings Made in America.
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Owl Bench1761 viewsOwl Bench. This one has been sold. Orders accepted with 50% deposit.
Salmon Plaques1760 viewsSalmon carved on a 2" thick sycamore slab x 26" long with a slot in the back for hanging on your wall. 2014 price is $80 each.
Pelicans and more...1752 viewsOak stump carved with 1 pelican in the round, owl, eagle, wood spirit, and 1 pelican relief carving on the back side.
Albert in Walnut1750 views
Modern Totem1735 viewsModern style story pole carved in an oak stump at Timbers Apartments in Richland, WA.
INFIDEL Signs1733 views$80 each - Infidel sign carved into pine slabs. Show a little Infidel Pride :-)
Horse Rearing Up1725 views$35 - 10" x 14" Western Cedar, chainsaw carved and hand painted, brush art style figure. Slot for hanging on wall is carved in the back.
Sasquatch1719 views
Albert Einstein Bust1713 views$200 - Have the smartest sculpture on the block!

This one has been SOLD. Orders accepted with a 50% deposit.
Fancy Goldfish1706 views
Wood Spirits1706 views
Trees carved from trees1702 viewsThese tree carvings can range from 2' - 7' tall and are carved from slabs of various softwood species (pine, cottonwood, etc). Pricing is $3 per vertical inch for trees greater than 6" across. 6" (or less) WIDE trees are $2 per vertical inch.

Painted, oiled and back slotted for hanging on a nail ir screw,
Mer-bear1698 views
SOLD. Bearaffe1685 views$200 - Bear with the neck of a giraffe. It's an odd creature but it seems plenty of people like them :)
Scotty Dogs - English Walnut1678 views$80 each - Scotties just approximately 12 inches tall, oiled and sealed. Each of these are a little different than the next. Larger sizes available for a larger price :)

I try to keep at least 2 of these in stock. Additional pieces ordered will be carved ASAP.

Indian and Eagle.1678 views
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