Chainsaw Carvings Made in America.
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WELCOME1353 views$50 - WELCOME sign.
Kokopelli1346 views$600 - Kokopelli carved in 58" tall caltalpa wedge. Back side is round with live edge and bark but I expect the bark to eventually drop off. Local delivery included.

We do not ship carvings.
Birdhouse Men1343 views
Curled Up Bear1341 views
"High Center" Tortoise1332 viewsSOLD - $300 Very large carving of tortoise 'high centered' on a stone. All 4 feet are off the ground!

This one is Sold but a new one can be ordered with a 50% deposit.
Standing Bear1326 views
American Cowboy1322 viewsThis American cowboy wearing traditional duster and 6 shooter is being watched over by a large eagle. Patriotic and fitting to these troubling times of oppressive Government.
Life size, located in Pasco, WA.
Raven Totem1317 views33" tall Raven Totem. Carved from Wester Cedar.
Maple Eagle1313 viewsLarge eagle carved from a maple stump at a private residence in Richland, WA. April 2014
Shore House Sign1312 viewsSimple sign carved in cottonwood slab
Man In The Moon1309 views$350 - Strictly Folk Art. This Man In The Moon carving is suitable for any wall of your barn :) More than 3" thick sycamore, milled flat on the back, 38" across. The red in the wood will fade with age.

This is heavy but on man can carry it around.

We do not ship carvings.
Praying Soldier Medallion1307 views$300 - Praying Soldier Medallion.
This *medallion* is a 38" wide x more than 3" thick slice of hardwood Sycamore. Relief carved to nearly 1" deep! Oiled and sealed.
3 available, each has finally cracked which is to be expected with medallions.

We do not ship carvings.
Eagle Plaque 1306 viewsSOLD - $125 - Carved in 2" thick sycamore slab, approximately 18 x 22 inches. Eagle, tree, moon.
Boot1302 views
Signs $20 each 1296 viewsCarved signs. Stock size is 5.5 x 22 inches on cedar.
Sleeping Bison1296 viewsThis 'buffalo' stands only 11" tall. Hardwood, oiled, sealed.
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