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Eagle in Oak Stump is 7 feet tall.2928 views7 foot tall oak eagle carved at Timbers apartment complex in Richland, WA
Double Eagle2667 viewsSOLD - This 6' tall double eagle is carved from Sycamore, prepared with boiled linseed oil, and sealed with 5 coats of Spar Urethane.
Flying Owl2476 viewsFlying owl at the bottom of it's power stroke carved in English Walnut.
Owl1887 views$300 - Large owl carved from mulberry wood. This one has been sold and others may be ordered. Mulberry wood is not often available :(
Pelican - SOLD1579 views$350 - 35" tall pelican carved in Sycamore. No paint or stain, just linseed oil and urethane spar to seal it. This one is SOLD. Orders accepted with 50% deposit.
Small Heron / Egret1577 viewsStands over 24" tall and carved from hardwood sycamore, this bird is up to his tail-feathers in water ;)

We do not ship carvings.
Red-Tailed Hawk1576 viewsRed tailed hawk carved for a wheat farmer who provides habitat for these birds.
Pheasant1549 viewsStanding pheasant carved in sycamore.
Who's Beer Is This? 1549 views$150 - Small owl with drink holder in base.

This one has been sold. Orders accepted with 50% deposit.
Heron in Oak Stump is 7 feet tall.1546 views
Penguins1536 viewsPenguin group / family
Golden Eagle1508 views
SOLD. Patriotic Eagle1431 views6' tall sculpture carved in locally harvested sycamore. Ribbon text = "Right of the people", "Shall not be infringed". This one has been sold. Orders accepted with 50% deposit.
Standing Eagle - 11429 viewsThis standing eagle is 40" tall from head to tail. Including log base, it's 60" tall. Sycamore log with large 'knots' in the base... Local delivery to your driveway included.
Owl with Bear1400 views
Eagle Plaque 1311 viewsSOLD - $125 - Carved in 2" thick sycamore slab, approximately 18 x 22 inches. Eagle, tree, moon.
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