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Syamore274 viewsSycamore slab with rot hole and live edges.
Tortoise! 2745 views$800 - HUGE Tortoise carved from recycled sycamore log. Lots of cracks in this sculpture which measures 48 inches from nose to tail. 3 coats of oil and 5 coats of sealant.
Tortoise257 viewsLarge tortoise carved from very old sycamore log. 48 inches from nose to tail.
Sycamore Slabs329 viewsSycamore slab with quartersawn fleck. Various widths and lengths.
Available for retail purchase at White's Furniture & Hardwood, 2 West Kennewick Ave., Kennewick, WA.
Sycamore Boule327 viewsSycamore slabs stacked in a boule. Various lengths and widths.
Available for retail purchase at White's Furniture & Hardwood, 2 West Kennewick Ave., Kennewick, WA.
Soaring Eagle1075 viewsThis 'soaring bald eagle' is carved from hardwood sycamore and has a wingspan of 68" (5' 8" from wingtip to wingtip). It has been treated to protect from mildew and sealed with a UV inhibiting, clear coat.

$1,800 - Available directly from White's Furniture, 2 West Kennewick Ave., Kennewick, WA. - (509) 582-3375
Sycamore Bear Face488 viewsDetail of Sycamore Bear standing 5' tall.
Sycamore Bear479 viewsSycamore Bear standing 5' tall.
$400 - Sycamore Owl921 viewsCarved from hardwood sycamore, this horned owl stands about 47" tall.

We do not ship carvings.
Greeting Bear610 viewsSOLD
This Greeting Bear is carved from hardwood sycamore and stands 52" tall. His reversible sign (welcome/go away) is of very durable black walnut slab.
$80 - Desk Bear880 views$80 - This desk bear head is about 12" tall, carved from hardwood sycamore then oiled and sealed. It's designed to hold a small sign, remote control, pencils, or other small items.

We do not ship carvings.
$500 - Fat Bear1175 views$500 - Fat Bear is carved from locally harvested *hardwood* sycamore. He stands about 45" tall (plus the base). It's been oiled and sealed for display outdoors or indoors.

We do not ship carvings.
$925 - Native Chief Bust1144 viewsNative American "chief" bust, with full head-dress. Carved from Sycamore, oiled, then sealed. This is about 2' tall from bottom of chin to top of the head-dress and equally wide at the feathers. The back has been hollowed to reduce checking and to lighten the piece.

Sycamore is a heavy and hard wood.

Available Monday - Saturday at White's Furniture, 2 W. Kennewick Ave., Kennewick, WA.
We do not ship carvings.
Mirrored Bears Bench1339 views$2,000 - Mirrored Bears Bench, August 2016.
The back and seat slabs are 6 feet long, all parts are hardwood sycamore, oiled and sealed.

We do not ship carvings.
Man In The Moon1352 views$350 - Strictly Folk Art. This Man In The Moon carving is suitable for any wall of your barn :) More than 3" thick sycamore, milled flat on the back, 38" across. The red in the wood will fade with age.

This is heavy but on man can carry it around.

We do not ship carvings.
Large Bison right view1295 viewsLarge bison carved from a timeworn sycamore log. Approximate dimensions: height (not including the base) is 21" and length is 41" (base a bit longer). The black walnut horns are mortise and tenon joined to the head.

This piece has been saturated with oils then, after a long drying period, sealed with several coats of poly urethane. Best display for this would be an elevated position.

We do not ship carvings.
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