Chainsaw Carvings Made in America.
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Trees carved from trees1738 viewsThese tree carvings can range from 2' - 7' tall and are carved from slabs of various softwood species (pine, cottonwood, etc). Pricing is $3 per vertical inch for trees greater than 6" across. 6" (or less) WIDE trees are $2 per vertical inch.

Painted, oiled and back slotted for hanging on a nail ir screw,
Great Blue Heron1009 viewsThis Great Blue Heron was carved in a diseased spruce tree and is located on 4th Ave in Kennewick just West of Morain Street. Approximately 7 feet tall from the ground.
Heron Wading 1020 viewsSOLD - This heron / egret is wading knee deep in his pond. Carved from blue spruce and treated with boiled linseed oil. This one has been sold. Orders accepted with 50% deposit.
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