Chainsaw Carvings Made in America.
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Elm Boules32 viewsElm logs stacked and stickered in boules on the air-dry rack.
Red Cedar35 viewsPreparing aromatic red cedar for air drying.
Red Cedar34 viewsAromatic red cedar hauled to Washington from Missouri.
Catalpa Slabs692 viewsI scored a massive catalpa log, 40" across by 12' long and still solid. Slabs are 2" thick and mostly clear. These were milled in mid-October of 2015, ends sealed, and have been air dying under a mesh tarp. I plan to check the moisture content in the spring of 2016.
Sycamore Slabs724 viewsStack of stickered and dried sycamore slabs ready for bench seats, bench backs, signs, fish and wall hangings.
Fresh Sycamore524 viewsFreshly milled sycamore slabs sitting in the sawmill.
Sycamore Color524 viewsSycamore has a lot of red before it dries and develops several shades of brown where part of it has died.
Scotch Pine Slabs433 views3" thick x 48" long. Milled in July, 2015
Scotch Pine Slab393 views3" thick x 48" long. Milled in July, 2015
Scotch Pine Crotch Slab405 views3" thick x 43" long. Milled in July, 2015
SOLD. Sturgeon Plaque591 views$200 - 50 inch long, blue stained pine slab with 33 inch long sturgeon relief carving. Oiled and sealed.
Similar carvings available.
Trees carved from trees1126 viewsThese tree carvings can range from 2' - 7' tall and are carved from slabs of various softwood species (pine, cottonwood, etc). Pricing is $3 per vertical inch for trees greater than 6" across. 6" (or less) WIDE trees are $2 per vertical inch.

Painted, oiled and back slotted for hanging on a nail ir screw,
SOLD. Eagle Plaque944 viewsLightly stylized, deep relief, eagle carved in 4" thick black walnut. Approximately 55" long x 16" tall.

This one has sold. Similar carvings can be ordered.
Sign for Chainsaw Repair Shop904 viewsJeff's Chainsaw Repair Shop sign {Kennewick, WA} carved in pine slab
Sign - Hanford High School682 viewsCustom Sign carved in pine slab.
Eagle Totem Slab1320 viewsPRICE REDUCED!
Now $300. Large, 48" x 21" x 4", slab carving cut from pine log in Northwest native style. Oiled, painted, and sealed.

We do not ship carvings.
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