Chainsaw Carvings Made in America.
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Fence Post Spirits81 viewsFence post wizards carved from recycled vineyard posts.
Fence Posts72 viewsVery old cedar fence posts removed from a defunct wine vineyard then stored in a pile for 25 years. Recycled Art suitable for display in a corner or planted in a post hole and used to support a plant hangar, bird feeder, thermometer, bottle opener, etc.
Frog Parking404 views$20 - Frog Parking Only. All Others Will Be TOAD!
Available for limited time only. Approximately 24" x 5.5"

We do not ship carvings.
SOLD. Wood Spirit788 views$250 - 3'+ tall and carved in Paulownia wood. {princess tree}. Did not last long before being snapped up. Similar carvings are often available
Trees carved from trees1419 viewsThese tree carvings can range from 2' - 7' tall and are carved from slabs of various softwood species (pine, cottonwood, etc). Pricing is $3 per vertical inch for trees greater than 6" across. 6" (or less) WIDE trees are $2 per vertical inch.

Painted, oiled and back slotted for hanging on a nail ir screw,
Wood Spirit1008 views*Wood Spirit* progression. Birch stump carved with 3 wood spirit faces blending hair from each to the others.
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