Chainsaw Carvings Made in America.
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Cowboy Door Stop482 viewsCowboy Door-Stop boot carved from western cedar. Stands about 17" tall and has been oiled and sealed. Quite rustic.
Texas Door Stop932 views$100 - Another Texas Door Stop. 20" tall, hardwood, oiled. Local pickup only. This one is Sold but a new one can be ordered with a 50% deposit.
Western Greeter1146 viewsSOLD - Whether cowboy or miner, this western greeter stands about 44" tall and welcomes all comers. Carved from pine.
American Cowboy1169 viewsThis American cowboy wearing traditional duster and 6 shooter is being watched over by a large eagle. Patriotic and fitting to these troubling times of oppressive Government.
Life size, located in Pasco, WA.
Cowboy Boot - RESERVED1365 views$100 - In Texas, they call these door stops. This one is sold but a new one may be ordered with a 50% deposit
Boot1186 views
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