Chainsaw Carvings Made in America.
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Raven168 views$900 - Pacific Northwest style raven standing 5 feet tall. Carved from yellow pine, oiled and sealed. Jul 27, 2018
Sign Bears181 views$200 each - Over 2 feet tall, carved from dry sycamore, each bear comes with one reversible Welcome/Go Away sign. Jul 16, 2018
Betsy Ross Flags122 viewsCarved wooden flags carved in the design by Betsy Ross.
Small flag (27" long) is pine wood with painted on stars. $120.
Large flag (47") is locust wood with .44 magnum pistol brass in place of stars.
Jul 13, 2018
Trump Bear 122 viewsSOLD - You can still order a Trump Bear of your own. Price is contingent on size (size matters) and lead time is at least 1 month for 'yet to be carved' President Trump Bears.

$300 - Trump Make American Great Again Bear. 3 feet tall, hardwood sycamore, oiled and varnished. Additional signs available
Jul 13, 2018
Fence Post Spirits137 viewsFence post wizards carved from recycled vineyard posts. Jun 14, 2018
Fence Posts128 viewsVery old cedar fence posts removed from a defunct wine vineyard then stored in a pile for 25 years. Recycled Art suitable for display in a corner or planted in a post hole and used to support a plant hangar, bird feeder, thermometer, bottle opener, etc. Jun 12, 2018
Syamore120 viewsSycamore slab with rot hole and live edges.Jun 09, 2018
Elm120 viewsElm figure in live edge slab. Jun 09, 2018
Elm102 viewsElm slab with live edge on display at White's Furniture & Hardwood in Kennewick, WA.Jun 09, 2018
Catalpa104 viewsCatalpa, live edge slab 38" wide x 12' long at 2" thick. Jun 09, 2018
Catalpa Whale Backs102 viewsCatalpa milled 4/4 is about 4' long. Live edge. Jun 09, 2018
Tortoise! 204 views$800 - HUGE Tortoise carved from recycled sycamore log. Lots of cracks in this sculpture which measures 48 inches from nose to tail. 3 coats of oil and 5 coats of sealant.May 03, 2018
Hairyman - 7203 views$110 - Hairyman / bigfoot / sasquatch carved in a 21" tall slab of catalpa.May 03, 2018
Hairyman - 5174 views$110 - Hairyman / bigfoot / sasquatch carved in a 21" tall slab of catalpa.May 03, 2018
Hairyman - 4169 views$110 - Hairyman / bigfoot / sasquatch carved in a 21" tall slab of catalpa.May 03, 2018
Tortoise136 viewsLarge tortoise carved from very old sycamore log. 48 inches from nose to tail. Apr 30, 2018
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